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IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring

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IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring

Cassandra Porter submitted this photo of her journey using the IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring. Congrats on the success!

“I started feeling insecure about my size when my boyfriend started teasing me about my big body. I decided to take my weight-loss goals seriously, and committed to working out six days a week (first thing in the morning!), drinking more water, and eating smaller, more frequent balanced meals. But I noticed that I only made slow progress so when my sister told me about this IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring and immediately tried it on. In just months of wearing this ring I lost 34 pounds, and I am healthier, happier, and stronger than ever.”

What Is Titanium Ion Therapy?

Ion Therapy found studied the different effects that positive and negative charges have on human biology. In the study he state that Titanium Ion Therapy is mainly motivate by the titanium ION. Davis claimed that Titanium ION energy could kill malignant cells, relieve arthritis pain, and improve blood circulation.

The titanium therapy creates tiny bubbles that interact with fat cells. The fat cells then absorb the titanium's energy to attain maximal expansion, which causes them to burst and crush. This therapy is help to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body and help it heal itself.

How Does IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring Works?

It was created with the idea of ​​incorporating Titanium ION therapy into a piece of sports equipment to improve the convenience and accessibility of therapy. After exploring a number of methods and eventually created a new technology that did not exist before:

The alternating north-south polarity orientation of the Titanium ION. It release the electromagnetic charge to provide for the removal of blockages around the body and restore a natural flow of energy.

15 Minutes Wearing Test

The Key Solution For Detoxing & Lymphatic Drainage - Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy have gained popularity as a method of pain reduction in Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, RSI, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other pain related disorders. One theory suggests that when magnets are applied to an area, the nerves are stimulated, releasing the body’s own natural pain killers. Another theory states that magnets stimulate blood flow and increase ionic exchange, bringing healthy oxygenated blood and nutrients to the area.

Aids in the breakdown and liquification of fat cells for quick combustion and simple absorption by the body as energy. Titanium ions have the capacity to pass through the skin and destroy certain fat cells in the location of fat accumulation. The fat cells are disintegrated and liquefied by the titanium treatment.

Effective Detoxification Of The Body

Contains negative ions and built-in far-infrared that efficiently detoxifies the body by penetrating the skin deeply. Unclogs lymph nodes, aiding in the body's detoxification process, enabling the lymphatic system to more quickly and easily remove waste-carrying cellular fluids.

What Makes This IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring Be The GREAT CHOICE?

Powerful Titaniumion Therapy

10x Faster Release Of Osimium Elements With Wire Mesh Design

Effective Detoxification Of The Body

Reduces 60% Of Excess Lymph Fluid In 3 Months

Decongests The Bloodstream & Lymph Nodes

Comfortable When Doing Sports

Acceleration Of Metabolism

Natural Solution For Lymphatic Drainage & Weight Loss

Elegant Bangle Design

Here are some of our happy customers:

“So when I started noticing the swelling of my arms, there was no question that something needed to be done. A friend recommended this IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring as an option and since she’s also been using this ring for quite some time, I decided to give it a try as well. The difference has been incredible! The swelling has gone down significantly, my arms aren’t as swollen anymore and the fluid subsided and don’t hurt like they used to! I feel more energetic each day with this ring on!” - Louise Hampton

“I was amazed that it really did reduce the swelling on my body. I used to feel super insecure about wearing fitted clothes because of my huge belly. It made me look like I’m pregnant. The first weeks of wearing IONPLUS Titan Osimium Detox Ring I noticed a reduction of body fluid in my stomach.  I have been wearing this for a few months now and this turned my tummy back into its normal state! Absolutely recommend it to everybody I know!!” - Pamela Cricks



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